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Trick or treat? We know you chose treat... just make it as sweet as possible

Who can resist the chocolate coins? Don’t you just love picking up a delectable candy, unwrapping it and savoring the moment as it melts in your mouth and pampers the taste buds by unleashing its incredibly unique sweet flavor. Over the years, the universal liking for this confection has led chocolatiers to put it to many innovative uses. One way you can use the sweet treat to please the kids is by gifting chocolate coins and medallions at Halloween. Your house is sure to get its fair share of the little guests marching in with their ‘Trick or Treat’ question. You can dole out the goodies packed in little mesh bags or small boxes. Why don’t you go in for personalized chocolate coins and get some real spooky images imprinted on your coins? I am sure it will delight all the kids and make your Halloween treats the most talked about treats in the neighborhood.

Halloween Chocolate Favors

Chocolate Coins

Let your imagination fly! Create your own personalized chocolate coins by adding your custom message, text or logo. 8 Colors to choose from. We use 100% Callebaut Belgian Chocolate in both milk and dark chocolate.

Starting at $0.19 per coin

Chocolate Casino Chips

They look like the real deal. We emboss your design on the foil and chocolate to create these amazing Custom Chocolate Casino Chips. They are made with the award-winning Callebaut Belgian Chocolate.

Starting at $0.19 per coin

Large Chocolate Coins

Our most stunning piece of chocolate. Choose from Silver and Gold foil and add your logo, message or text. Our large custom chocolate coins will impress each and every one of your guests!

Starting at $1.55 per coin

Grab and Go Products

Need it faster? Our Grab n Go chocolate coins are in stock can ship within 2 days. They are a faster and more affordable option with the same quality of all our products. Our Chocolate Coins are the best you have ever tried. Forget about those waxy & gritty chocolates that you are used to.

Starting at $ 0.14 per coin
Grab and Go Products