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Celebrate with family and friends giving the sweetest gifts of all...

Chocolate gelt, or Hanukkah gelt as it was traditionally referred to, can be translated in many languages as essentially the same thing - Chocolate money.

Although it is now given out at Hanukkah as a gift to children, the origins of it are based far more in religion than indulgence.

It is said that the tradition started in the 17th century in Polish Judaism whereby the money was originally given to students for them to pass on to their religious teachers as a way of paying respect.

Eventually children started wanting to receive a 'piece of the pie' so to speak, and so over time it evolved into the giving of money to children for them to keep themselves as well as to give to their teachers.

The twentieth century marked a great time for American chocolatiers, who realized early on that creating 'chocolate coins' was a great way to market Hanukkah and sell chocolates at the same time.

There are many, many varieties of gelt available now than in the past.

My Chocolate Coins offers mixed bags of 120 or 400 gold coins, poker chip coins in bags of 160 or 320, silver dollars, smiley face coins, copper pennies, mixed bags of chocolate coins, treasure chests made entirely of chocolate, the list goes on and on.

Some groups have even created promotional chocolate gelt to raise awareness for causes such as cancer, or to promote celebrations such as Halloween (and of course, Hanukkah!).

There are chocolate gelt depicting numerous Jewish symbols, the number 1, shamrocks, dollar signs, the words 'Thank you' in gold or silver coins, as well as smiley faces for those looking for something unique.

Regardless of the designs, it's well known that My Chocolate Coins provides the widest range, smoothest taste, creamiest chocolate gelt available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit everybody's tastes.

In some households, children may still receive a sum of money from family members as an official gift for Hanukkah, however a large swing towards replacing real gelt with chocolate is becoming apparent.

Although some people still uphold the tradition of giving real gelt to their children on Hanukkah, a study conducted recently found that over 70% of parents in Israel gave their children chocolate gelt instead.

This suggests that a shift away towards a more relaxed and affordable approach to celebrating Hanukkah is being taken.

Sometimes the chocolates are packaged in such a way that they resemble money bags in order to add to the tradition.

Usually there are two kinds of chocolates available - gold-foiled coins are usually milk chocolate, while silver-foiled coins usually contain white chocolate instead.

Another tradition of Hanukkah which uses the gelt is to play dreidel, a spinning top game.

The gelt used for this can range in quality from average to gourmet, with some companies specializing in the latter.

Often the gourmet chocolates are made with the finest Belgian chocolate and present an unmatched quality to make that next Hanukkah extra special.

My Chocolate Coins also offers handmade customized messages on the foil of their chocolates, which can be made to look like a number of different items as desired.

Hannukah Chocolate Favors

Chocolate Coins

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Large Chocolate Coins

Our most stunning piece of chocolate. Choose from Silver and Gold foil and add your logo, message or text. Our large custom chocolate coins will impress each and every one of your guests!

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