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Corporate Clients

Chocolate Coins for Corporate Clients

Promote your business with our branded chocolate coins. 100% Belgian Chocolate.

Bulk Chocolate Coins
Personalized Chocolate Coins in Bulk - Milk & Dark Chocolate

Chocolate Coins

Let your imagination fly! Create your own personalized chocolate coins by adding your custom message, text or logo. 8 Colors to choose from. We use 100% Callebaut Belgian Chocolate in both milk and dark chocolate.

Starting at $0.19 per coin
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Custom Chocolate Poker Chips - Add your message or logo.
Las Vegas Party Favor

Chocolate Casino Chips

They look like the real deal. We emboss your design on the foil and chocolate to create these amazing Custom Chocolate Casino Chips. They are made with the award-winning Callebaut Belgian Chocolate.

Starting at $0.19 per coin
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Custom Large Chocolate Coins & Medallions, Personalized Chocolate Medals

Large Chocolate Coins

Our most stunning piece of chocolate. Choose from Silver and Gold foil and add your logo, message or text. Our large custom chocolate coins will impress each and every one of your guests!

Starting at $1.55 per coin
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Grab and Go Products

Grab and Go Chocolate Candy Coins

Need it faster? Our Grab n Go chocolate coins are in stock can ship within 2 days. They are a faster and more affordable option with the same quality of all our products. Our Chocolate Coins are the best you have ever tried. Forget about those waxy & gritty chocolates that you are used to.

Starting at $ 0.14 per coin
Grab and Go Products


“I received your coins, and I am very happy with them. Lisa, in customer service, was great as well. I have already eaten 3 coins typing these lines. Ha!”

- Amanda Ramirez Jacksonville, FL

MyChocolateCoins.com, Your Source For Personalized & Custom Chocolate Coins & Casino Chips

Welcome to MyChocolateCoins.com. We create unique personalized chocolate coins and chocolate casino chips for any occasion. Chocolate coins are a delicious treat that is perfect for use as party favors, personalized wedding favors, bridal shower favors or corporate favors. People of every age love chocolate and chocolate favors are perfect for every event from kids' party favors to corporate favors..

Find Personalized Chocolate Favors For All Occasions Including Wedding, Party, Baby & Bridal Shower, Corporate & Many More

Our chocolate party favors are not only unique and memorable, they also taste great. All our chocolate coins are made with the highest quality Belgian chocolate, so they are not only adorable baby shower favors or party favors, but also a delicious treat. We never skimp on ingredients and always use the very best to ensure the best flavor possible.

Shop For Custom Chocolate Gold Coins & Poker Chips

Create personalized chocolate coins or chocolate poker chips in minutes on our website. Follow the prompts to select the colors, personalized message and choose from a broad selection of clip art. Whether you are looking for custom chocolate casino chips for a fundraiser or corporate favors or need unique chocolate favors, there is a design in our collection to fit any occasion.

In the event you don't find the design you want for custom chocolate poker chips or chocolate gold coins, we can help. You can upload an original logo or design for your order. If you don't have a design, we can help with that too. Our talented staff of graphic designers can create custom chocolate coins to your specifications. The design is etched into the chocolate favors and the foil packaging.

Chocolate Gelt

We offer high quality chocolate Gelt, which is certified Kosher Dairy, and tastes absolutely amazing (we also offer Parve chocolate, upon request); in fact, all of our chocolates are Kosher. We have Blue and Silver chocolate coins with assorted Jewish designs, like the star of David, and are made with 100% Milk Belgian Chocolate. You can also do your very own custom design for your chocolate gelt. So, for the next festival of Hanukkah, buy chocolate coins here that are foil wrapped and 100% Kosher, and great for your kids to play dreidel with - you won't be disappointed by the quality.

Bulk Chocolate Coins

No matter the size of your request, MyChocolateCoins.com will handle the order, and you can expect a quick shipment for all of the chocolate coins that you buy in bulk. Whether you buy dark chocolate coins, foil wrapped chocolate coins, or candy coins, when you buy chocolate coins at MyChocolateCoins.com we can handle the volume of your order. Customer satisfaction is our main goal!

Customized Chocolate Medals

You can create your very own customized chocolate medals for sporting events, employee rewards, family competitions, and more. Whether its gold medal award dark chocolate coins, Olympic medal award candy coins, and/or #1, #2, or #3 milk chocolate coins, you can create your very own customized design and foil wrapped chocolate medals to perfection.

Wholesale Chocolate Coins

When buying chocolate coins, it's important to weigh the overall cost of chocolate: Wholesale chocolate coins versus retail candy coin prices. There are a lot of needlessly expensive chocolate stores on the internet that offer you to buy chocolate coins at so-called discounts, but don't offer you the quality of chocolate that we strive for. We offer are chocolate coins and candy coins at wholesale prices, in order to service our customers with great chocolate at a great price.

Money Can't Buy Happiness, but Chocolate Coins Can

Everyone loves chocolate, and everyone loves money. It's only natural that the two be brought together. Milk chocolate coins have been a holiday tradition since the 1920's, when American chocolatiers began selling chocolate gelt to celebrate Hannukah. Like so many things, what began as a simple part of a celebration turned into a big success. Chocolate coins are now made with hundreds of different designs, all wrapped carefully in foil to retain the impression on the chocolate itself. You can find chocolate coins for virtually every form of currency, and designs which reflect every holiday on the calendar.

There are even candy coins which break out of the coin mold. Companies sell customized chocolate poker chips, chocolate coins with company logos on them, and chocolate medals which are larger than the original coin design. The quality of the chocolate inside of the foil depends on where you buy them, but you'll find that there are a lot of coins that not only look great, but taste great too. Milk chocolate is the most commonly used and found candy, but you can also track down dark and white chocolate coins too. Every coin should come in a high quality gold or silver wrapper that both keeps it safe from melting and gives it the appearance of a real coin. You can purchase the coins in the traditional net bundle, or you can buy them in bulk to arrange yourself. Whether you're buying for the holidays, or just love having them around the house, nothing is richer than a bite from a coin made of chocolate.